The House Strikes Back

Our Homeownership Saga

Giving an Old Dresser Some Love

Last fall I got an old dresser from a good friend of ours. She didn’t want it anymore and I fell in love the moment I saw it. So we moved it on over to our place. It wasn’t in the greatest condition when she gave it to me. The paint was chipped and scratched […]

Behold! A Place to sit and eat!

This is coming quite a bit late. I apologize. We bought the dining room set sometime in early spring 2011. The exact time escapes me at this point. I was getting frustrated with not only our lack of use of the dining room for anything productive but with having to eat on the couch. So […]

Yard Waste

Since the house we bought was one that had gone into foreclosure, the yard had sat for months without any real work being done to it. A company seemed to mow the lawn, but they did as little as possible to get the job done. We went through and trimmed back lots of the bushes […]

New Rug

I had been looking for a nice area rug for the living room, especially going into winter, so that we could have a little oasis of carpet. I LOVE hardwood floors but sometimes the comfort of carpet is nice as well. I would like to have a huge, luxorious rug like this beauty from World […]

More Stylish Clothing Storage

As you can see in the picture we had, next to our nice IKEA wardrobe, a large stack of plastic drawers. They had been hiding in a closet when we lived in the apartment. But now that they were out in the open we were constantly wincing when looking at them. It was not a […]

Kitchen Modification

Our kitchen base cabinets did not have any shelves in them when we bought the place. Which is a bit puzzling and basically meant that we just piled stuff in there as best we could because there was no good way to organize it (see picture). I didn’t really feel like making custom shelves for […]

Backyard Garden

When we first moved in, there were two “gardens” set up in the yard.  The garden in the front yard is surrounded by stones and we plan on keeping it the way it is for now.  While the garden toward the backyard was surrounded by planks of wood with some cheap wire fencing stapled around […]

The Porch

The porch floor has obviously been painted a few times and has started to show it’s age. The areas nearest the windows are peeling and many areas are down to bare wood. It really needs to be taken back down to bare wood throughout and re-painted. This was one of the projects around the house […]


Another reason we will claim that has kept us away from house blogging is sushi.  We have a small hobby (very small…) of making our own sushi, since the store bought stuff is usually quiet pricy.  So we figured we would throw a picture out there of what we have made.

Water Heater Discharge Pipe

One of the simplest repairs we had to complete for the city inspection, was the lack of a discharge pipe connected to the pressure relief valve on the water heater.  We went around to a few hardware stores and there were a few different styles and prices.  We only needed the cheapest one for a […]