The House Strikes Back

Our Homeownership Saga

Marc DeOtis

Water Heater

It all started when I was in the basement and I decided to get a better look at the water heater, so in the future if anything went wrong I would have a better idea of what to do.  I started by reading through all of the warning and procedures and then took off the cover for the burner.  I looked inside to see no pilot light.  This seemed odd since I thought we had hot water, I figured it must have just gone out.  I follow all of the steps for lighting the pilot light and it went right away and worked.  I figured it must have been some sort of fluke and thought nothing of it.

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Plumbing Endeavor – Part 1

As of June 29, 2010 we have undertaken the biggest challenge so far with homeownership. We went to city hall, to the engineering department, and got our very first building permit. It is a plumbing permit to be exact.

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Helping The Stairs – Part 1

Just let me sleep, it is too hot to move.

Apparently, today is too hot out to do any work, says the cat.

We decided something needed to be done with the stairs.  They were still in fairly good condition, but they were quite wobbly at times.  Upon further inspection, the piece of plywood that held the stairs to the house was falling apart in many places and after the heavy rains we just had, most of it was just mush that pealed off of the house.

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Web Site Errors

We have recently been fighting with our windows server to get it to run WordPress.  There seem to be some issues with a shared windows server running WordPress.  If you are having any issues, feel free to send us an e-mail at or leave a comment in this post. Explain the error you received or are receiving. It would also be helpful to know your operating system (windows / mac / linux / ect) and what web browser your using ( internet explorer / firefox / chrome / ect)

Thank you all for your help and extended patience while we figure this out.

Surprise Gift

Today when we arrived home from grocery shopping at Cub, we found an unexpected gift waiting for us near the doorway to our bedroom.

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