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Argh the internet is distracting

So as many of you may have noticed, we have been on what we will call a blog hiatus.  We have been working on the plumbing in the basement on and off for the past month trying to get it perfect for the upcoming inspection.  There has also been this problem we will call the internet.  It distracts you from projects for many days at a time and sometimes even longer.  Much has gotten done with the house.  Many new ideas for the blog are starting to surface.  Many new projects for the house will be tackled (once this heat wave dies down).  Now that all of the major repairs our done, it is time to play catch up and let everyone know how it went.  Hopefully we can have most of the major news up within a week, but as you can see our ability to stay focused on one project seems to be limited.

We have also added, as of right this second, a contact us page at the top. Feel free to contact us about anything you want to. Maybe someone could send us some ideas on how to stay better focused. Also if we don’t update the site in awhile also feel free to send us messages nagging us to make an update. It might help us to stay on top of the task at hand, the making of an awesome web site! 🙂 Thanks everyone!