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Shelves for the Kitchen Cabinets…Finally

So, you may remember shortly after we got the house that I used some small tables from IKEA as make-shift shelves in my kitchen cabinets (read here Kitchen Modification). Well, I had finally grown tired of that solution. So, I made yet another trek to Home Depot to find some suitable shelves. It took me over an hour to find any laminated or finished boards that would fit the space. Even then, I would still need to do some cutting to get them to fit but, who doesn’t love some quality time with a circular saw. So after a few cuts I went from a mess to some decent looking cabinets. (more…)

Surprise Gift

Today when we arrived home from grocery shopping at Cub, we found an unexpected gift waiting for us near the doorway to our bedroom.

Click “read the full article” to find out what it was…But it is probably not for the squeamish.


Continued Cat Escapades

A few nights back we were putting away some groceries and had the cabinet under the kitchen sink open so that we could stash away our plastic bags for later use. While we were doing that, Sam, our 10 month old kitten, was wandering around the kitchen. Sam is a girl by the way; her full name is Samus (points if you know the reference). We finished putting everything away and I started to close the cabinet, when I realized that I hadn’t see Sam in a while. I asked Marc if he had seen where she went, and he hadn’t. So I looked around in the cabinet. I didn’t see a cat but I saw a hole in the bottom of the cabinet where the pipes go into the basement. Knowing that she is still fairly small and very crafty, I got a flashlight to inspect the hole. Upon inspection I found the end of a tail. Somehow she had fit past the pipes and was now between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. It was several minutes before we could get her back out. Needless to say, the hold was filled to prevent this happening twice. Enjoy the pictures! **In the first picture you may have to click on it to get the bigger version, but she’s there.

Sam Deep Under the Sink Sam Under the Sink Sam Under the Sink

The Purple Paw Print Paradox

On the day I put the first coat of a deep purple paint on the walls of our office, there was … an incident. I realized it a while after the miscreant had left the scene. I came back to discover some suspicious purple markings on the, otherwise beautiful, hardwood floors. An investigation ensued. In exhibits 1-3 we can see the purple markings, thought to be paw prints from an adult feline.

Exhibit 3: Paw printExhibit 2: Paw printExhibit 1: Paw print

Exhibit 4 shows the weirdly untouched wall, a mere foot, behind the “paw prints”. You may also notice the open window, where it has been theorized that a feline creature may have been exploring. It is still unclear if the striped “cat toy” may have been involved.

The Scene

Now the lack of witnesses to this thoughtless activity makes capturing the suspect very difficult. Also, it is still unknown how the purple paint was transferred from the wall to the floor being as there is no direct evidence that the wall was ever tampered with.

We do however have information from an unnamed source ,who states that they saw a feline, Pez DeOtis – age 7 (pictured below), later that day with a purple paw.

The Suspect

Unfortunately, the suspect had cleaned off the evidence before we could take samples or photographs. As such, it is hard to definitively pin it on this particular feline. He does however have a long list of previous incidences (spilled water dishes, knocking items off tables, etc.) that make him seem good for it.

We will continue our investigation into this vandalism, in hopes to get justice for our floors and their horrible defacing.