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The Tree Had to Go

At the start of our Christmas display set-up we had planned to string long sections of lights all the way down our 40′ spruce tree out front, thus creating the ultimate mega-tree. As fate would have it, we could not make that happen without renting a bucket truck twice a year just to reach the top. Since that would run us about $700 annually, we opted not to use the tree in our display. After this setback we started throwing around the idea of removing the tree all together and using that side of the yard for a more elaborate display next year. Well, there is a guy that comes into the Caribou Coffee I work at every day for his morning coffee and he happens to own his own landscaping company so, I asked for a quote. It was a fair price for removing such a large tree so we decided to go ahead and have it cut down. It turned out that the day that worked for him was Marc’s birthday. Not the best present I could have gotten for him, but it was big and expensive (that makes it good, right?).  It took him around 4 hours to cut the whole thing down and he had to use 5 different chainsaws to get the job done. Pretty impressive to watch plus, he did all that without damaging our Christmas display! I have below some before, during, and after pictures of the process. It happened to snow the day after it came down, so that was marvelous timing.

Yard with the tree

Tree with all branches removed

Yard with no giant tree covering the house

I also managed to get a video of the large trunk being taken down. He had planned to have it fall on to the grassy area on the boulevard where he had some large logs waiting to cushion the fall. It didn’t quite work out that way though and he missed the logs by only a few inches. The grass was mostly unharmed though.

So now we have much more space for expansion next year. Plus, you can actually see our house when you drive down the block! In my opinion, it all makes the yard seem much larger now that there isn’t a giant tree covering everything.

Christmas Lights (UPDATED!)

So I know that we have been hyping the Christmas light display for quite a while. It is still happening. However, it is not ready for finally reveal yet. Here are some teasers though. You can check out some progress pictures on Marc’s Facebook page here Christmas Album. Leave a comment if you can’t see them and I will add them to the blog.

Hopefully in the next week or so we will have a video of the whole display in all its glory.


This picture helps give an idea of how much stuff is out there. The snow covers the wires but, there are hundreds of feet of power cables and ethernet under that running the whole display.

Quick fact: each of the mini trees in front has 4 colors totaling 2400 lights bulbs and took over 6 hours to make.

Most of the display in daylight