The House Strikes Back

Our Homeownership Saga


Our bedroom is a mere 8.5 ft x 12 ft. Now, with a queen size bed that is a bit over 5 feet wide, that’s not much walking space. This made furniture placement very tricky. There was some careful thought as to how to maximize the little space that we had to work with. We decided it made the most sense to put the bed going against the short inner wall. Which left barely, and I mean by under a few inches, enough space for a nightstand on either side.

After adding the bed, there was  just enough space at the opposite end of the room for a large wardrobe (see pictures below). We got the wardrobe at, you guessed it, IKEA. It has a modular design so, you can mix and match the components that you want (doors, shelves, pants racks, etc) and is an amazing 8 ft tall. We went with a birch wood/white mix for the exterior that would match the rest of the house. Inside we have a set of shelves, a drawer, a roll out pants rack, and a clothes rail. So far it seems to be working well for us. Of course this is after getting rid of half our clothes, LOL.

As for the colors for this room, we went with a subtle gray for the walls and a splash of color on the bed. This is one of the only rooms in the house that has a muted wall color, mainly for the fact that a busy color in a bedroom isn’t very relaxing. I hope to paint the bed at some point to be a blue, or maybe green, color so that it contributes more to the splash of color aspect of the room. Drawing off the olive green on the blanket, I added a rug to the end of the bed. It is actually our yoga mat for using with Wii Fit, but it ended up in the room during moving and I liked the look and left it.

For the most part, we went with a utilitarian approach to this room. It’s small dimensions didn’t leave room for a lot of options for the furniture. And let’s face it, you are asleep for 90% of the time you are in a bedroom, so why put a lot of effort in to appearances. Lastly, our bedroom is directly off of our kitchen, which is weird, so the door gets closed a lot when company is over.

Gray is the wall color. White and biege are secondary colors. Blue and green are the accent colors.

Outside of the wardrobe. Ignore the stuff stacked next to it.

Inside of the wardrobe

View from the kitchen into the bedroom. Also view of yoga mat a.k.a rug

This is an idea of what the bed would look like if I painted it

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