The House Strikes Back

Our Homeownership Saga

Dining Room

Yellow is the wall color. The other colors are all theoretical at this point.

The dining room is closer to being a hallway then a room to feast in. The living room, bathroom, office, and kitchen all come off of this room. It’s very much the central point of our home, which makes it very hard to add furniture to it without losing a sense of flow. For that reason, it is currently in a state of limbo until we can decide how to best use the space. The only things that are for sure going to stay in this room are the arcade machine and the large cage for our 3 cockatiels.

The walls are a bright, buttery yellow called “evening glow”. It adds a lot of light to the room and pairs beautifully with the hardwood floors. It also works as a great transition from the green of the living room and the orange of the kitchen. What other colors are going to be added will depend on what we do with the room in the future. The pink on the palette is just a possibility.

We probably won’t add pictures of this room until it moves out of limbo. There isn’t much to see at this stage. Sorry.

This is looking in from the living room, office on the right, kitchen straight ahead. The bird cage is on the right with the pink sheet. Note the lack of furniture and design.

The arcade machine in the corner

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