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Our Homeownership Saga

Painting Trim

We began painting the trim in the first week we had the house (approx. May 12). But the project was quickly tabled to deal with other matters. Now almost a month later (June 4) I am finally returning to that project. It, after all, is much needed given the dirty condition of the trim when we moved in. When we bought the place, all the trim was painted in a flat beige color. It not only collected dirt very easily but also did not compliment the new paint colors one bit.

Trim in Kitchen

This picture shows the stark difference between the old color (top trim) and the new color (bottom trim). The old is a not a good match for the new orange kitchen. While the new “pure” white color accents it very well, providing a pleasant contrast.

Trim in Dining RoomThe dining room had a similar problem with the old trim color. The old color was too yellow-y and kind of blended with the new wall color. The picture shows the new white on the left archway and the old beige on the door and door frame (also on the vent at the bottom).

Trim in Dining RoomThis is a close-up of the color difference. Its a huge improvement in many ways. Not the least of which is the fact that the new color is in a semi-gloss, which is much easier to clean.

**more to come as I finish the project**

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  1. Dad

     /  June 8, 2010

    Bonnie, I think you have a really good writing style. It is somewhat reminiscent of another author I happen to know.

    Keep up the blog. It is coming along very well, now that you have some time to work on it.

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