The House Strikes Back

Our Homeownership Saga

Day 2

The second day we owned the house was a Saturday and we couldn’t wait to start fixing and decorating and modifying everything we could find. Marc finished installing the new locks and keying them all to the same key for simplicity’s sake. I procured paint for all the rooms so that I could get the project done before we moved in. I had spend the last several weeks trying to find a pleasing palette for the house. Once getting all the supplies, I decided to being with the living room. The living room was painted in a weird tan/brown-ish color that I found very unwelcoming. It was much too dark of a color for the space. So I changed it to a light green (paint chip called it “honeydew melon”). What I didn’t realize was that the old color was too dark for the new color to be able to cover it properly. So 3 coats of paint and 8 hours later I had the living room done. I will show how it turned out in a later post once I have more accurate pictures of the color.

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