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A kitchen sink is the central hub of a kitchen. Whether it’s food preparation, washing dishes, filling the tea kettle, washing your hands, or getting a glass of water, it all starts with this commonly underrated fixture. Having a faucet that makes doing common tasks almost effortless is a longtime kitchen dream of mine.

I have always wanted a specific style of faucet, one that would perfectly suite my needs. I fell in love with the single-handle pull-out design after seeing it at an acquaintance’s house. The handle moves front to back for cold to hot water and out from the faucet to turn it on. The water volume and temperature can be changed with as little as the touch of your pinky. Having a high arch on the faucet is also very important to me. I want to be able to put a large pot under my faucet without a logistical struggle. On top of the functionality of this faucet design, it also has a very pleasing aesthetic. It adds a bit of elegance and beauty to a sink, which can make all the difference in how you perceive this area of your kitchen. If the faucet lures you in with its sleek appearance and makes doing dishes so easy it’s almost fun then spending time in your kitchen might not seem like as much of a chore.

The faucet I chose has all the above features plus, it has three spray options built in: standard stream, spray, and a mix of the two, changeable with just the twist of the spray head. It’s a very welcome addition to our kitchen and makes the whole feel of the space change. Not needing the separate sprayer allowed us to add in a soap dispenser as well. I was so excited to install the new one that I moved all of the dirty dishes out of the way just to be able to use the new faucet to clean them later. Yes, it is that awesome to use.

The old faucet with seperate sprayer

The new faucet and soap dispenser

The built-in sprayer pulls out the faucet arch

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  1. Mike DeOtis

     /  July 10, 2010

    Are you sure you have enough light bulbs??

  2. Well if I don’t, I’ll steal some from the light bulb connoisseur down the road…

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