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A few nights back we were putting away some groceries and had the cabinet under the kitchen sink open so that we could stash away our plastic bags for later use. While we were doing that, Sam, our 10 month old kitten, was wandering around the kitchen. Sam is a girl by the way; her full name is Samus (points if you know the reference). We finished putting everything away and I started to close the cabinet, when I realized that I hadn’t see Sam in a while. I asked Marc if he had seen where she went, and he hadn’t. So I looked around in the cabinet. I didn’t see a cat but I saw a hole in the bottom of the cabinet where the pipes go into the basement. Knowing that she is still fairly small and very crafty, I got a flashlight to inspect the hole. Upon inspection I found the end of a tail. Somehow she had fit past the pipes and was now between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. It was several minutes before we could get her back out. Needless to say, the hold was filled to prevent this happening twice. Enjoy the pictures! **In the first picture you may have to click on it to get the bigger version, but she’s there.

Sam Deep Under the Sink Sam Under the Sink Sam Under the Sink

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  1. Whammytap

     /  November 14, 2015

    Yeah, when I was a kid, I lived in a big old Victorian house with big old Victorian heat registers. My kitten, Bean, went into the 2nd story register and ended up in the basement ducting near the furnace. My Mom called the handyman who had to cut a hole in the ducting and coax Bean out. She was miraculously unhurt from her 3-story fall. We had thought a) she couldn’t get through the decorative grillwork of the register and b) she’d have more sense than that. For these fallacies, we were awarded a poop somewhere in the ducting.

    Another time I was replacing some rotten sheetrock in a shower enclosure for a client who had taken in a semi-feral cat. Long story short, the cat slipped into the hole between the studs when I had my back turned for half a minute and I put up and tiled the Sheetrock with no idea he was in there. The cat lived in the space between the wall and the bathtub for two days before he started making noise. We had assumed the cat must have gotten out and headed back to the wild. He was hungry, thirsty, and extremely dusty, but in the plus column he loved people from then on.

    Despite these two rather horrific stories, I love cats and they live to a ripe old age under my care. Glad your kitten was OK!

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