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Our Homeownership Saga

A Much Overdue Welcome!

Before we even bought this house, we had planned to have a blog that would let everyone see what we were up to. We had the name picked out well before closing day. We had the website purchased within a few days of closing. We have over 5 GB of pictures from everything we have done so far. And, I’m saddened to say, we are very behind on sharing it with all of you.

My plan is add a few new entries every week. I have enough material to keep that going for a long time. I had hoped to be adding all of it as the projects were being completed but life got crazy and that didn’t happen. But its all news to you guys, so it’s not really a big deal.

For those of you who haven’t see our house yet, I will be adding plenty of pictures of the interior and exterior, along with, for you design junkies, what my color schemes are.

There are many posts on the main page here for your reading pleasure. But also check out the projects page for some of our current and future projects (link up top or on the side).

I hope you enjoy what you read and continue checking back! Please feel free to comment, we’d love the feedback!

A small teaser of what is still to come on this blog:

  • How we got our arcade machine and washer/dryer in the house (they were a challenge)
  • The gross state of the kitchen floor before I cleaned it
  • New and improved kitchen sink strainers
  • The story of why adding gutters to the north side of the house is so important
  • Some updates on the re-finishing of the porch floor
  • Our many new IKEA purchases and what we did with them
  • Some of our landscaping projects
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