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Behold! A Place to sit and eat!

This is coming quite a bit late. I apologize. We bought the dining room set sometime in early spring 2011. The exact time escapes me at this point.

I was getting frustrated with not only our lack of use of the dining room for anything productive but with having to eat on the couch. So I forced Marc on a trek to, you guessed it, IKEA. The haven for all who seek cheap furniture. I had already looked online and pretty much figured out what I wanted, so it was more a matter of having Marc see it in person and give in to the purchase. He’s not a big fan of dining room tables in general, though I don’t really know why. So for him this was unnecessary and annoying. I’m pretty sure he got over it though.

Dining Room Table

I love this set because the table has a built in leaf to extend it from a 4 person table to a 6 person table in less then a minute. The chairs are nicely cushioned and have removable (and washable!) covers that can be replaced should I decide I don’t like the color anymore. It is also very well built, especially for IKEA.

New dishes and table stuff

After having the table a while, I felt our dishes looked too plain in comparison. I think it was the Martha Stewart in me wanted to go nuts decorating. I went and bought the set of dishes I had been drooling over at Target for darn near 3 years and packed away all the old dishes. I also added some place mats, napkins, and a centerpiece because I think the it looks awesome.

The last picture is a view of the whole dining room from the kitchen. I thought it would help to get the whole picture (ha ha).

So now we have a place to dine or entertain, should anyone want to come over or something.

Hmm, I suppose I should update the Dining Room Interior Design page now…

Whole dining room

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