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Giving an Old Dresser Some Love

Dresser Before

Last fall I got an old dresser from a good friend of ours. She didn’t want it anymore and I fell in love the moment I saw it. So we moved it on over to our place. It wasn’t in the greatest condition when she gave it to me. The paint was chipped and scratched and it needed some serious love. But for a long time it just sat in our dining room waiting for me to get around to it. In the “before” picture there is one drawer that I had painted. Silly me, I forgot to take a picture before I started.

I finally repainted it in May. It took many coats and and lot of time but it turned out gorgeous. The drawer fronts are in a light lavender or lilac color. The trim areas are in a faint blue-ish gray. The lovely scroll accent work throughout is done in a buttery yellow color. One handle is missing (top right) so for now it has a non-matching one. I hope to find a matching set for the dresser that is similar to the originals at some point.

It has now been re-purposed from being a dresser to being a buffet/bar area in our dining room. It brings some lovely character to the room. So our nicer liquor and my wine selection can now sit proudly on top of this wonderful piece of furniture. The drawers are used for some random storage and the bottom ones are for bar-wear (martini glasses, shakers, shot glasses, etc). In case anyone was wondering, the leather book sitting next to the absinthe is my wine tasting journal where I record my experience with each wine I drink (I’ve been told I am a bit of a wine snob).

After being repainted

Side View of it After

Close up of the Bar Area

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