The House Strikes Back

Our Homeownership Saga

Finishing the Porch

The floor before painting

More of the floor before

So you may remember that last summer I had started the project of refinishing the porch floor. That didn’t get much further then removing some paint last summer. So we worked hard to get it ready for this summer’s enjoyment beginning in the spring. End of April or beginning of May (somewhere around there) we finished removing the paint from the floor and filled in some holes that had formed near the door. Then we painted the whole floor with a good porch floor paint. Just that made a world of difference to the feel of the space. But we had many more plans.

The door before painting

Filling in some holes

After that we put a new coat of paint on to the walls and trim work. So that is all back to being a wonderful white color instead of a very dirty off-white. Marc had also repaired the ripped screens on the porch so that we can now let the cats out on to the porch without fear of escape.

After all the painting was done, we put up some vinyl blinds so that we can have some privacy when we want to sit out there. Who wants their neighbors staring in their porch all the time, right? For the windows on either end of the porch we made some curtains. We used some fabric shower curtains since they have some level of water resistance and the porch can get a bit wet when it rains.We hope to find some nice furniture for the porch so that we can spend lots of summers sitting out there. But patio furniture is quite expensive this time of year. I think we’ll wait for some nice clearance sales come fall.

The curtains

The new blinds

So this is one major project that we can cross off the list. Finally seeing some progress! Slowly this house is feeling more cozy and finished.

Another after shot

The floor after

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